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 Post subject: Silence in the Forest.
PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:46 pm 
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The cold stuck to the inside of his mouth, clinging to the walls of his cheeks as if to absorb the warmth his body could provide. Wide plumes of smeared white escaping weathered lips that curled the ends in amusement to what he looked upon. A long tongue curled itself out of the maw as it enveloped the lips to wet them, snaking over the edge of a red soaked blade leaving tendrils to cling to it as they parted ways. Saliva glistened against the crackled lips as the tongue retreated back into its origins, leaving the same blood stained Cheshire curvature as it had before.

Prostrate on the ground, whimpers escaped a form that stood out against the grassy floor of this dark forest. The whisper of a consoling wind blowing a soft whistled tune through the spaces between the trees, backed by the soft ocean of the tree canopy above that felt as though they all crashed upon one another in an uneasy chaos. The form moved, seeming to shift as it clutched desperately onto another black mass that stood out against the nature that surrounded them. The glisten of scarlet stood out against the earthen colors as if it struggled to gain the attention of those that stood there to behold it.

Aside from the whimpers, and the soft guttural chuckle that left the standing man, the night was quiet. The blade in his hand raising, ringing with the faintest sound of performing just as its essence called upon it to do; ending lives.

“I hope this teaches you a lesson on coming into my forest. The wench had quite a mouth. I did you a favor… farmer. You’ll find another. It doesn't matter… we've been looking for her.” The voice emerged from the maw with the sounds of sand brushing on rock. The smell of rotten meat escaping with the metallic tones of the blood he had just licked from his weapon of choice. Everything about the man standing over the forms smelt of blood spilled from long days passed.

The wind swooped in as if it grew wings, sweeping leaves from the ground and rustling the man’s clothing. His eyes shot into the distance, the lust in his eyes now turned to the sharpened look of an apex predator ready to sink his metallic claw into the ribs of another. His gaze tracing from tree to tree as if searching for something that he could not see against the darkness.

“Tsk… such a shame. Perhaps he’ll embrace you Farmer. Embrace you with the gift of anger… so you might become stronger like us all.” He continued, turning his head away from the darkness that engulfed the trees around them. “Embrace you like it never did her.” The tip of his blade sinking down with heft as if it cut through the cold night air with zealous justification, resting itself like a pointer to reveal the mark of his God upon her exposed side. A chunk of flesh having been carved out around it as if to setting a stage for others to gaze upon it unadulterated.

The wind blew again, whipping through the canopy above as it sprinkled leaves down upon them like an autumn rain that was clutch in the hands of time. Each leaf dancing to the ground with the flutter and sway of a dance whose life depended upon their performance in the night. A cascade of them descended, as their fellows above swayed in the wind and gave them the symphony of their sound to embolden their show.

Birds, fluttered from the trees in a brilliant crescendo. The man’s eyes snapping upwards towards the trees, both orbs filled with a display of his predator nature. Keen, they looked to the pair of talons that wrapped proudly around a branch. The branch lowered, the massive form of the creature exposed its black figure against the greens of the canopy above. Its obsidian eyes glistening in the night as they stared back at him.

Every muscle in the man’s body tensed, whispers of rope tightening beneath his skin as he stared. Eyes locked, captivated by the large black crow that rested in judgment above him, its form not moving even as he shifted to face the spectator. A low growl left his throat, turning into a bark that drew straight from his frustrations.

The touch of a hand upon the man’s leg made him swing about, the blade arcing deep in a cutting motion out of sheer reaction alone. The sound of flesh severing, and the splash of life against the forest floor echoed into the air. Fresh scarlet whipping a brilliant pattern across the leaves as if a payment for the display they had put on.

The figure that was once clutching the woman, now gripped at the wound that was created upon his throat. Subtle gurgles reaching for the night as he stared in agony up at the knife wielding hunter.

“Tch! What a waste of your potential Farme-“

The crow above cawed loudly, its massive form lowering as its wings went both directions and its beak parted to erupt in challenge. The branch creaking as its mass lowered to support its message.

The man roared, snapping his eyes back at the creature as if an artist that was being interrupted. “Get out of here! This is my forest and these are my prey that he wished for me to bring his vengeance upon! You can feed on them when I’m well done… bottom feeder!” His gnarled and blood caked teeth snapped, the muscles in his jaws rising to the surface of his skin as the fire of his eyes burned like a lance up at the crow above him.

The crow continued to caw. Its body rising and falling with each, wings going outward as the wind whipped into the canopy above again, bringing the leaves descending down once more to the earth below the man’s feet. The soft song of the wind blowing through the trees became more deafening as the crow’s caws seemed to summon the life of the forest around him.

He roared again, swinging his blade wildly into the air, “SHUT UP! He wills this and I will not be stifled by- YOU!” The blade swung upwards, the tip jutting forward towards the crow as it cawed madly back at him. Only to cease as beads of scarlet rose into the cold night air at it.

The forest went silent. The crow, stood up like a stalwart sentinel against the man’s challenge. The leaves continued to descend in the last performance they would ever display. For the apex hunter that stood on the ground below them.

Satisfied, the man’s lips curled upon his face again. The blade lowering from its show of dominance, it lowered to the earth again with the weight of its strength entirely upon it. His eyes closing only for the entirety of a single breath, when something appeared from the darkness before him as if it manifested from the silence the forest left behind for him.

A whistle, a sweet song from what sounded like a small bird, high pitched and swift to cut through the quiet like it were a weapon itself. Behind it, came the sounds of the tightened bow string that had been released and vibrated with a deadly intent.

The man’s eyes shot open to look at his attacker, but it would be the only action he would muster. Within moments, he felt warmth start to cascade down his chest as the onset of cold slithered up from his fingertips and toes. The cold steel that he held in his hand so justified now landed softly upon the bed of dancer leaves which embraced it as if it were one of their own.

The man, once an apex hunter, now stared at his predator as it stood barely visible in the darkness. Questions pooling in his eyes as he felt the fire that was once there, starting to shudder out of them with the very life he was slowly losing. The orbs gazed down at the dark colored fletching that had been the tail of a wooden shaft that now held his chin from lowering any further than it would allow.

His gaze shot up again, the figure approached, another arrow already resting against the body of the curved bow the figure held in its hands. His lips parted as if to curse at the figure, but all that could be heard were the same gurgles that he had just given the Farmer a graceful lesson on. His body surrendered below him at the very sound he made, crumpling him to the floor in a blood caked mass as his arms reached for his weapon of choice with the rustle of dancer leaves around him that blanketed the floor.

Helplessly, he struggled against his demise. The once apex hunter, now finding himself with his predator above him with two colors of eyes staring down upon him; one of brown, the other of a thick and broken red that burned with hell-fire and the very vengeance he thought he stood for. He struggled to speak again. The arrow vibrating in his throat as it sucked both word and voice from his body before it could even make its escape into the night air.

There wasn't a word from the figure. Its dark clothing and bits of armor covering all but a small bit of its exposed tanned skin and the black line that went from ear to ear over the bridge of its nose. Those eyes drew the man’s gaze to them as if they were taking his very soul to another place with the sharpness they looked outward with.

The bowstring tightened, the crow cawed, the mans eyes widened with fear as his desperation to save his life rose to the surface. Yet another whistle...

...The forest went silent.

Kyde "Sparrow" Kath L'Ani

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