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 Post subject: The System and how it works
PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:24 pm 
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Realms of Conflict Donation System
Realms of Conflict is a live action role-playing fantasy game that relies upon it’s players to help get work completed. There is a lot of effort to run a LARP and the players’ assistance is essential. To that end, below is a detailed donation system that rewards players for the hard work and dedication they show towards the game.

Units of credits: Players who donate to the game will be awarded in Units of credits; these credits can be redeemed to earn in game items, training or even experience that can be used at a Realms of Conflict (RoC) event.

What can be donated: There are 3 things that can be donated to our game props, cash, and time. Props and items that can be donated will be listed below and ranked by A, B or C. A items are the most valuable items that the Realms of Conflict need and thus earn more dragon credits. Correspondingly, B and then C items are really useful but not as critical. Money can be donated whether in person, online or at events. For donations online we have pay pal account for you to use.. Lastly, time and energy can be donated to our game, this is done with crafting skills, with work to promote, run and/or set up of game events. We always value your time and wish to reward it.

How it works: When you give time, money, props or combination thereof to us, we process your donation and record it online. We hope to make this system have a turnaround time of 1 week. We will reward the donation as Units of credit and put your total running Units of credit tracked online in the forums.

Marcus Slawinski is in charge of handling all donations and final say in Award totals if you have questions about this email him at [email protected]

Trade in credits: Once you have some credits, they are posted online, you then may choose how to spend them. There are some guide lines on how credits may be spent, you must email the plot team what you wish to spend your credits on and we will verify your turn in. As we improve the system, we hope to have a response time of less than a week confirmation of credits spent.. Then the next time you are at an event, plot will hand you whatever was earned with credits.

Spirit of this system: This system is to reward players who donate time, energy, items and money to our game to make the game better for every one. There are a couple of guide lines to that:
1. Do not abuse the system. If you see a flaw, report it. If you try to abuse the system, we will give you a warning and then take action to prevent abuses. Be virtuous in thought, action and deed with this system.
2. Nothing may be bought from this list with the purpose of player versus player gamemanship. The destruction of a group of characters or character by players found using this system will suffer repercussions meted out by the Plot team or Owners. The purpose of donating to a game is to make the game better for EVERY one.

For donated items we need to have receipts given when the item is given to the plot team or plot team designate. If a person is unable to provide a receipt or approximate value for the item, we will work with you to assign a value. Once we have the receipt and item we will attach a dragon credit value to the item and then get those credits logged into the system so you can spend them.

We reserve the right to not accept donations of items, clothing or props that are not useful to our game.


No more them 4000 Units of credit can be spent in single month,
No more then 10000 Units of credit can be spent in a 6 month period (jan-june, July-Dec)
Credits are not transferable between parties once earned.

Gold list (A) items are in high demand and will we have a special list of gold items and limited quantities for each item. If your not sure if an item is worthwhile, ask. We want you to help us.
A (Gold List)- list items will earn 10 Units of credits for every 1 dollar value.

B (Silver)- list items will earn 8 Units of credits for every 1 dollar value.

C (Copper)- list items will earn 6 Units of credits for every 1 dollar value.

We value time at 40-100 credits an hour, depending on the labor, exertion and other factors. An example of a difficult task is during the work week, going to the campsite and cleaning a bunch of hay in the hot sun for eight hours. This would net 100 credits an hour. As a counter example, working the Realms of Conflict table at a gaming convention would be in the 40/hour category as it is rather easy and air conditioned. Here is a list of potential things that can be done to earn credits. You MUST check with plot before you began working on a project so we can set upon an agreed amount of credits earned per hour.
-Sewing garb, repairing garb and costuming
-Making items or props for games, from masks to heavy costuming
-Repairing props or items
-Building ROC legal boffer weapons, shields and arrows
-Making packets
-Crafting armor for RoC staff and NPCs

Other work that earns credits but is not limited to: is staffing booths and doing PR work for us during marketing events, attending trailer clean up sessions, washing garb and hosting fighter practice.
A- Gold list items
Boffer weapons in new condition
Armor in new condition

Glow sticks
Masks and wings from http://fullmoonmasks.com (please ask marcus for detail)
Masks from http://www.kangena.co.uk/catalog.asp?page=prosthetic ( please ask marcus for details)
Full chicken suit costume

Iron Liege boffer weapons
Sheets of L200 foam or y20 with or with out EVA (ask marcus for details)
Wrap pants ( black, grey, white, brown)
High quality professional costuming- ( check with staff)

Spirit gum (limited amount available for donation
Spirit gum remover ( limited amount available for donation)
High quality Elf ears
High quality half orc masks
RoC speicfical racial costume- Ie minatour mask, or glychian bags and goggles.
PA system
Monetary donation ($1 = 10 dragon credits )
B- Silver list items
Make up kits and colors (kryolan prefered)

Hair spray colors, black, red, white, blue, green
Lanterns- out door camping lanterns designed for all weather battery only.
Rope lights (extremely long 50ft plus)
Walkie talkies compatible with current plot team set (Motorola)
Racial clothing and costuming
Tabbards of various sizes and colors
Elemental costuming
Compact plastic folding tables
Renaissance, period or medieval costuming relative to our game

C- Copper list items
All other costuming, props and such not listed in the above areas.

-Marcus Slawinski

Realms of Conflict Owner and Rules Writer

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 Post subject: Re: The System and how it works
PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:57 pm 
Site Admin
Joined: Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:44 am
Posts: 345
Hey guys and gals Here is some updated stuff we need-

GlowSticks in bluk, they can be order from many places online i prefer http://www.extremeglow.com/

If youd like to make an order please contact me and i'll give you order info.

Packets, we need packets, badly Both gather and bullet packets

4 normal packets- 1 dollar value

2 bullet packets - 1 dollar

I will allow up to 2 players to pay for the next overnight event in packets

Rope lights: colored and more white

used foot ball pads form building monster costumes.

Out Door camping lanterns we need 8

Large Fog Machines

Fog juice- The good stuff found t FX and party stores not the cheap halloween crap

As it's halloween time we will allow cash donations at the value of 12 donation credits per dollar.

-Marcus Slawinski

Realms of Conflict Owner and Rules Writer

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 Post subject: Re: The System and how it works
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:47 pm 
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Hey all. Your Mistress of Logistics has a few requests. These have been approved as A List items

AA Batteries - 24
AAA Batteries - 20
white printer paper - 1 pack
sharpie markers - 2 markers
paper cutter (wishlist item) - 1
red stamp pad ink - 1 bottle
masking tape (so people can mark mugs without using Gorilla Tape) - 1 roll

As always, all donation claims must be approved my Marcus before you purchase the items.

These have been claimed. Some items may come back up in a few games. Stay tuned.

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